Alto Georgia – Key Facts About the City

In the United States, the town of Alto is located in Banks and Habersham Counties. The population was 1,172 at the 2010 census, compared with 876 in 2000. Approximately 56% of the residents are African-American, making Alto Georgia a good place to live. There are many different things to do in Alto, including attending various local events. This article will discuss some of the key facts about Alto.

Population decline of 23.3%

The city of Alto, GA has a median age of 33.4 and a median household income of $42,857. The population grew by 30.7% from 2000 to 2019, while the median age of foreign-born residents has decreased by 8%. The most common birthplaces of foreign-born residents are Mexico, India, and Korea. As for the race of the population, the majority of residents are White (non-Hispanic).

Although the town has experienced a decline in population in the last decade, it has managed to remain relatively stable. The 2010 census counted a population of 1,172, up from 876 in 2000. The decline in population has led to many business and residence owners moving to neighboring towns. Residents of other areas have also moved to Alto, causing the town’s population to increase by 8%. The loss in population means more money for those places that have seen increases in population.

Unemployment rate

The unemployment rate in Alto, GA is 17.7%, which is about average for the area. The city is located midway among the other areas of the metro area. Only Cornelia, GA and Hahira, HI are below this figure, however, so this number may be lower than what you would expect. Although it’s still a higher than average number, it is not shocking and may reflect a broader problem.

To get a sense of the employment situation in Alto, Georgia, click here. This data can show you where you stand in comparison to the rest of the country. The city is home to 59.7% of the population. As of the last U.S. Census, Alto had a population of 1,172. It was just over 800 in 2000. In the last five years, Alto has experienced a strong economic growth and continues to see a positive unemployment rate.

Household income

In 2019, the population of Alto, GA was approximately 1.25k. The median age for residents was 33.4 years, and the household income was $42,857. From 2010, the population of Alto increased by 8.9%, from 1,308 to 1,249, but the median household income remained stagnant at $42,857. In terms of racial makeup, the majority of residents are White (Non-Hispanic) and Hispanic, with Black and Hispanic households accounting for the majority.

The quality of life is also a factor to consider, especially when deciding where to buy a home. For some, it’s a walkable city, while for others, it’s a peaceful suburb. The city is home to numerous parks and open spaces, but residents can find a quieter place to live by the lake or on a secluded road. The area’s walk score is higher, which may indicate more noise and traffic in some areas.

Race and ethnicity

If you are curious about the race and ethnicity of residents of Alto, Georgia, you’re not alone. There are several other minority groups in this area, including African Americans. However, the race and ethnicity of Alto is not a significant indicator of the community’s quality of life. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Asian residents of Alto made about 1.11 times as much as White residents during the past year.

The city of Alto has a diverse population, with approximately 519 White residents of Hispanic ancestry and 483 White (Non-Hispanic) citizens. Hispanics represent a larger proportion of the population than other races, with the largest concentrations of Hispanics. However, many residents of Alto are not of any race other than white. In addition to Hispanics, the city’s population is also diverse, with residents identifying as Black or African American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander.

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