Brookton Georgia is a Great Retirement Neighborhood

Brookton Georgia

If you’re looking for a retirement neighborhood, consider Brookton, Georgia. Brookton is an unincorporated community in Hall County, Georgia. It has a low child poverty rate and a high percentage of Scots-Irish and English-speaking residents. You can find many amenities in Brookton, and it’s easy to get around once you learn more about this community. Interested in buying or selling a home in Brookton? Keep reading for some tips and facts about the Brookton real estate market.

Brookton is an unincorporated community in Hall County, Georgia

In the year 1830, a Pierce deed conveyed land to the Bethel School District. This schoolhouse was used continuously until 1952, when the Hall County Board of Education consolidated Bethel School with several others into Brookton Elementary School, which was at a different location. The Pierce deed conveyed the land to the Bethel School District, which later consolidated the school into Brookton Elementary School.

In the early twentieth century, Brookton was largely a rural community, with a small population and no incorporated municipality. Hall County is located in a region of northern Georgia known as the Piedmont, with the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the north. It is located in the upper Oconee River sub-basin, the Chattahoochee River sub-basin, and the ACF River Basin.

It is a retirement-friendly neighborhood

Retirees looking for the perfect place to settle down in the Atlanta metro area will love the retirement-friendly neighborhood of Glades/Brookton. This area is ranked number six among Georgia’s best neighborhoods for retirees by NeighborhoodScout. The neighborhood offers diverse housing options and is home to mostly college educated seniors. There are many different reasons to move to Glades/Brookton.

The median real estate value in Brookton/Glades is $311,674, which makes it more expensive than 65.0% of other neighborhoods in Georgia and 52.8% of all neighborhoods in the U.S. However, the median rent in Brookton/ Glades is lower than average, at $1,291. The average home price in this area is fewer than $1,200 per month, which makes it a good choice for retirees looking for a quiet neighborhood with excellent amenities.

It has a low rate of children living in poverty

According to the 2021 KIDS COUNT(r) Data Book released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Georgia ranks 38th among the states in child well-being. The study examines progress in four key areas: education, health, income, and environment. The state of Georgia also ranks 38th out of fifty U.S. cities in child poverty. In Brookton, the child poverty rate was only 20%, while the national average was 29.

Although Brookton Georgia is home to a relatively high number of homeowners, only 72.2% of its residents have health insurance. That is significantly higher than the national average of 6%. Meanwhile, only N/A percent of rental properties in Brookton are occupied. In contrast, the 27.8% occupancy rate for leased housing in the state is considerably lower than the national average of 36.2%. Overall, there is a low rate of unoccupied apartments and houses in Brookton.

It has a high rate of Scots-Irish and English ancestry people

While German is the most prevalent ancestry in the US, Brookton Georgia has a high percentage of Scots-Irish and Irish people. In fact, the area has the largest proportion of people of Irish descent of any state. In fact, it is so high that the town is nicknamed “Irish City”.

While most Brookton Georgia residents claim Irish ancestry, many also claim English and Mexican kinship. In addition, the city is home to the Orchard Beach Pier and Gem Theatre. There are many companies based in Brookton, including the Portland Ry. Co. and Oakland St. Rv. Co., as well as B. E. Forrester.

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