Candler Georgia – A Primitive Baptist Community With a Mid-Century Twist

Candler Georgia

When the State of Georgia created Candler County, it was a Primitive Baptist community, but in a few decades, it became a thriving middle class suburb. In this article, you will learn about the history of this community and learn about how the county grew. Whether you’re thinking of relocating to Candler, or just looking to learn more about the history of Candler, you’ve come to the right place.

Candler County was created by an act of the legislature

Candler County was created by an act of Georgia’s legislature on July 17, 1914. The county was created from portions of Bulloch, Emanuel, and Tattnall counties. The county was named after Georgia’s Gov. Allen D. Candler (1834-1910), who was famous for compiling and preserving Colonial and State records. The county’s first officers included Ordinary George R. Trapnell, Sheriff Charles M. Harpen, Tax Receiver O.L. Patterson, and Surveyor J.D. McLean.

It was a Primitive Baptist community

Candler Georgia was a Primitive-Baptist community. It was founded in 1790. The first Missionary Baptist church was built on land donated by Jimerson Kennedy. In the 1820s, black people began attending. Some of these churches eventually became part of Candler County. By the 1970s, the town had become known for its Southern cuisine. The locals are proud of their heritage.

It prospered

In the aftermath of the Great Depression, many people are trying to figure out how Candler, Georgia managed to thrive. A recent story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution traces the history of the Candler family and their business interests. It recounts how Candler invested in real estate, organized a bank, and built the Candler Building in 1906. The building now serves as the headquarters of Coca-Cola. It is one of the tallest buildings in Atlanta.

It was a middle class suburban neighborhood

Once known as Union Square, Candler Georgia was a predominantly white community. This community was largely populated by white professionals, but in the 1950s the suburbs began to grow in popularity. The Candler Park neighborhood was developed along the Georgia Railroad tracks and became an annexation of the city of Atlanta. It was a middle-class neighborhood that featured Victorian homes and was largely made up of businessmen and tradespeople. Many of the homes were built on small lots and were only available to white families.

It was served by two streetcars

Before the interstate was built, Candler was served by two streetcar lines. One of these lines, the Atlanta-Decatur, ran along DeKalb Ave. As streetcars took over intercity transportation, the Georgia Railroad stop closed. After the city’s annexation into Candler Park, a middle-class suburban neighborhood quickly developed. Large property owners began subdividing small lots into larger ones, and a commercial district sprung up at streetcar stops.

It had a 4-H program

If you’ve ever wondered how Georgia got its start, there’s a good chance that it was because of its 4-H program. Georgia has been known for its agricultural heritage for centuries and many early farmers in Candler are descended from the area. Today, Georgia has the second largest 4-H program in the United States, with more than 200,000 members. Candler has long supported agriculture and the 4-H program in the town is a great example of its value.

It has a family history center

The Candler Hospital was the first chartered hospital in Georgia and is the second oldest hospital in the country. Its ministry of healing dates back to early Georgia history. Today, Candler is located in Savannah’s Midtown. The hospital is affiliated with the Methodist Church and offers primary care, outpatient services, and general surgery. Candler has served the Savannah community for eight generations. The hospital is the area’s largest healthcare provider, serving the surrounding communities of Savannah, Bluffton, and Charleston.

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