Demorest Georgia – A Small City Near Piedmont University

Demorest Georgia

Demorest Georgia is a small city in Habersham County, Georgia, United States. It is home to Piedmont University and 683 residents. The median annual income is $34,865.

Demorest is located in Habersham County

Demorest Georgia is a small city in the state of Georgia. The population of this city was 1,823 at the 2010 census, compared to the population of 1,465 in 2000. It is also home to Piedmont University. Demorest is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Here, you can find information on the Piedmont University campus and surrounding area. There are a variety of other things to do in Demorest, Georgia.

Piedmont University is located in Demorest

Piedmont University is a private institution in Demorest, Georgia. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and serves over two thousand students. The campus is comprised of approximately 300 acres and lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The school has many student organizations, including a national honor society and an international exchange program. To learn more about the university’s mission and programs, visit its website.

Demorest is home to 683 people

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Demorest, GA is home to 683 people. The largest industry is Educational Services, followed by Manufacturing and Health Care & Social Assistance. The highest paying industries are Finance & Insurance and Transportation & Warehousing. The median household income in Demorest, GA is $34,865. This is lower than the United States’ median of $65,712 and is lower than the Georgia average of $43,936.

Demorest has a median annual income of $34,865

Demographics for Demorest Georgia show that the population is about 1.97k, with a median age of 27 and a median household income of $34,865. Between 2000 and 2019, the population of Demorest decreased from 2,027 to 1,973, and the median household income decreased from $43,936 to $34,865, a -20.6% decline. Demorest’s five largest racial/ethnic groups are White (Non-Hispanic) (81.4%), Black (8.5%), and Two+ (1.27%). Additionally, 0% of the population speaks a language other than English at home.

Demorest has a large population of military personnel who served in Vietnam

The population of Demorest, Georgia is comprised largely of former military personnel who served in the Vietnam War. The conflict was a divisive chapter in American history. By the end of the war, South Vietnam had fallen to communist forces and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese nationals sought refuge in the United States. Many of them set roots in Georgia. By 1990, nearly 7,000 residents of Vietnamese ancestry lived in Demorest, GA.

Demorest has a low unemployment rate

The low unemployment rate in Demorest, GA is due to a variety of factors. The population of the town is small, with only 683 people employed in the local economy. The top industries in Demorest, GA are Educational Services, Health Care & Social Assistance, and Manufacturing. Transportation & Warehousing and Finance & Insurance are among the highest paying industries. Demorest, GA households earn a median annual income of $34,865, which is lower than the US median of $65,712 and the average income of $43,936 in neighboring states.

Demorest has a low homeownership rate

While the homeownership rate in Demorest is relatively low, it is not indicative of the area’s low quality of living. The median cost of living in Demorest is $36,392, which is less than both the national and Georgia averages of $38,483. The data was compiled by 24/7 Wall St. using the Economic Policy Institute’s cost of living data for over 29,000 U.S. cities.

Demorest has a high poverty level

While it has a relatively high level of emigration, the population of Demorest Georgia is also highly diverse. In fact, Demorest Georgia has a high rate of Native residents, which is the highest of all US metro areas. Native residents make up 7.1% of the population, a large proportion of the area’s population. Moreover, the city’s Hispanic population is the second lowest among US metro areas, and is 10.2% smaller than the total female population.

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