Wilshire Trails in Gainesville Georgia

Wilshire Trails in Gainesville Georgia

Wilshire Trails is a park that connects several nearby parks. It is located at 100 Brenau Ave NE, Gainesville GA 30501. This park features picnic tables, grills and restrooms. It is also connected to the Midland Greenway and Rock Creek Greenway.

There are many attractions at Wilshire Trails, which is why this park is often a popular choice for visitors to Gainesville. It is located near Pearl Nix Parkway, between Longwood Park and Ivey Terrace Park. The park also features walking trails alongside Rock Creek. The trails include boardwalks, bridges, and rest areas. A steep side trail leads to a lookout point.

Gainesville’s park and recreation director, Jimmy Hope, saw the potential of this park in the woods west of Ivey Terrace. With the help of the city’s parks department, the city designated the area as a park in 1982. The trail began to open between Pearl Nix Parkway and Ridgewood Terrace. Located in a quiet neighborhood, Wilshire Trails is convenient to downtown Gainesville and Brenau University.

The Wilshire Trails are a mile-long network of paved paths along the creek. The park’s stately hardwood trees provide deep cooling shade during the summer. In addition, the trails offer unmatched color in the spring and fall. The trail also crosses the creek over a series of bridges. Most are covered with Hope, while others are not.

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