Discover the Charm: Top 10 Benefits of Living in Habersham County, Georgia

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Welcome to Habersham County, Georgia, where the scenery is beautiful and life is peaceful. A&R Homes, a key player in Northeast Georgia’s home-building scene, is excited to show you what makes Habersham such a great place to live. Let’s look at what this area has to offer and why A&R Homes is proud to build here.

Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities

Habersham County is a nature lover’s dream, with its beautiful forests, hills, and the Chattahoochee River. There’s plenty to do outdoors:

Community Spirit

Here, community means everything. Events like the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair bring everyone together, helping to build strong bonds and a supportive atmosphere.

Affordable Living

Living in Habersham County is more affordable than in big cities, which means you can enjoy a better quality of life. A&R Homes has a variety of homes to fit different budgets.

Quality Education

The local schools are excellent, focusing on students’ success. From the outstanding Habersham County School District to private colleges like Brenau University and Piedmont College to one of Georgia’s best public institutions at The University of North Georgia, education is a priority.

Culture and Arts

You can immerse yourself in arts, history, and culture at local venues and events that showcase the region’s talent and heritage, like the Habersham Community Theater and around the corner at the Gainesville Theatre Alliance. You can even “Leave your city blues behind and travel off the beaten track to the mountains and lakes of Habersham County” with the North Georgia Arts Tour of Habersham County!

Close to Cities

Even though it’s peaceful and rural, Habersham County isn’t far from cities like Atlanta. You get the best of both worlds, with easy commutes thanks to good highways. So take in a Braves or Falcons game, check out the Atlanta Zoo or Aquarium, and be back home in time for dinner!


With lower crime rates than big cities, Habersham County offers a safe environment, ideal for families or retirement.


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There are plenty of healthcare facilities, including the well-regarded Northeast Georgia Medical Center Habersham, ensuring great healthcare access.

Economic Growth

The local economy is growing, with various industries providing job opportunities and boosting the economy.

Finding Your Home

A&R Homes builds in places like Enclave at Magnolia Station and Estates at Harvest Church, making it easy to find a home that’s right for you. Each area has its own charm and a community that creates a sense of belonging.

If you’re interested in Habersham County, A&R Homes invites you to get in touch for more details. Discover a life filled with community, nature, and comfort in Habersham County.

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