Gillsville Georgia – Interesting Facts About the City

Gillsville Georgia

In this article we will discuss some of the statistics about Gillsville Georgia. Its Homeownership rate is higher than the state average, while its percentage of Hispanics is below the state average. You’ll also find out about the Education level of its residents. Hopefully these statistics will help you decide if Gillsville is the right place for your family. The following are some interesting facts about Gillsville Georgia. Take a look!

Homeownership rate is higher in Gillsville

While the United States has a higher homeownership rate than most geographies, the home ownership rate in Gillsville Georgia is significantly higher. There are more people living in Gillsville than in neighboring communities. In addition, residents commute longer to work than the average US worker, with 0% reporting super-commute times of more than 90 minutes. The median household income is also higher in Gillsville, Georgia, compared to its neighboring communities and parent cities.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the majority of Gillsville residents are white, with only a few people identifying as black or African American. However, 15.4% of the area’s 15-and-old residents identify as Hispanic or Latino. About two percent of the population is unknown. However, the town has a comparatively high homeownership rate, thanks in part to its concentration of farms and agriculture jobs.

The median property value in Gillsville, GA is $176,800, which is less than half of the national average. However, despite the lower property values, the homeownership rate is higher in Gillsville, GA than anywhere else in the country. Moreover, a homeowner’s income is higher than the median income of the city, which is $62,950 for a family of four. Residents of Gillsville, GA have an average of two cars per household, which means that they are more likely to own their own home.

Hispanic race population percentage is below state average

As of the 2010 census, the Hispanic race population percentage is below the state average in Gillsville Georgia. The city’s Hispanic population makes up 2.7% of its total population. This group of people can be of any race. The city is also lower than the state average in terms of foreign-born residents, which is about one-third of its population. Nevertheless, this minority group remains a significant part of Gillsville’s population.

The number of divorced and never-married people is also lower in Gillsville Georgia than in the rest of the state. However, the percentage of married women is higher than the state average in Gillsville. This is not a cause for alarm. The city’s Hispanic population is below the state average, with 5% of households being headed by a married couple. This is a problem because Gillsville Georgia has lower divorce rates than most areas.

The overall median age in Gillsville Georgia is 34.4 years old. This is below the state average, and it is the third lowest median age in the state. Gillsville is higher than Maysville in the percentage of Hispanic residents. Although the Hispanic population is low in Gillsville, it is above the state average in some areas. The highest-paying industries in Gillsville are Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade, and Professional, Scientific, and Management, which are both below the state average.

Education level of residents in Gillsville

The median home value in Gillsville, GA is $225,400, and the average commute time is 26.3 minutes. Approximately 64% of Gillsville residents are in the labor force, and 64.8% of Gillsville residents have completed at least high school. Most residents are white, with about half of the population identifying as African American or Asian. Approximately 17% of residents identify as Hispanic or Latino.

The Gillsville School District puts a strong emphasis on academics. All students take math, science, English, and social studies. There are also AP classes, and dual credit classes are available to give students college credit while in high school. While the school system is not known for its higher educational standards, students can still earn college credit while in high school. The school district is rated as “B-” and offers high-quality programs.

Education level of residents in Gillsville, GA varies considerably. The percentage of residents with only a high school education is lowest in New York City (25.5%). The highest percentage of people with college degrees is in Georgia, with 73.2% of residents holding at least a bachelor’s degree. In Gillsville, Georgia, nearly all residents hold health insurance coverage through a company, government, or VA plan.

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