Renting the Lula Train Depot in Lula Georgia

Lula Train Depot in Lula Georgia

The Lula Train Depot in Lula Georgia has recently been refurbished to host special events. The facility seats 100 people and includes a catering station, restrooms, tables and chairs, and audiovisual equipment. The depot will also soon have WiFi available. The Lula Area Betterment Association donated the depot to the city in 2017.

To rent the facility, you must complete a facility rental agreement with the City of Lula. The agreement will detail your commitment to the facility. The total rental fee must be paid in full upon signing. You’ll need to provide proof of insurance for any caterer. You’ll also need to sign a permit agreement with the City of Lula before renting the facility. If you have questions, contact the City of Lula.

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